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Do you know where your local defibrillator is located? Linkinhorne Parish is fortunate to have two, one located at Rilla Mill Village Hall and a new one located at the Cheesewring Hotel in Minions. Money is also being raised to locate one a Linkinhorne Parish Hall, Upton Cross.  Other locations can be found at the

Defibrillator for Minions

We moved to Minions in 2015 like many other villages in Cornwall it is very remote and despite this it still receives hundreds of visitors every year enjoying the beautiful scenery. I began fundraising for a public access defibrillator, which has now been installed outside of the Cheesewring pub.

Every day 250 people in the UK suffer a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, of these only 12 will survive. These are not just old and unfit people, the young and fit are just as at risk. The chance of survival depends on how quickly bystanders act. The only effective treatment for cardiac arrest is defibrillation, however it is vital that CPR is started as soon as possible after dialling 999. For every minute that passes with nobody doing anything, the chances of survival drop by 10%, by the time a paramedic arrives; they are fighting the odds, especially in a rural county like Cornwall. Unfortunately, many times when paramedics arrive it is too late to save the person; they have died because bystanders have not started CPR.

The defibrillator was funded through donations from local people and a substantial donation from the Liskeard and Looe Rotary Club. There is an annual monitoring fee, which has been funded by the parish council covering the monitoring of the cabinet and the replacement of any PADís if the defibrillator has been used. As part of purchasing the cabinet and the defibrillator from the charity Duchy Defibrillators, they are going to hold a free CPR and defibrillator-training event in the near future.

Thank you to everyone who has helped in the installation of this lifesaving piece of equipment. I hope none of us ever have to use it but in the event of an emergency its good to know its there.
Many thanks,
S. Moore

How to contact police to report a non-urgent crime:

A conviction can only take place if there is evidence which the police can use to investigate and potential prosecute for a crime. In order to help the police you need to provide as much details as possible for example time, date and description of incident, number plates of vehicles and description of people involved. But you are urged not to put yourself in danger to obtain this information. This can be called through to 101 or crime stoppers on 0800 555 111, which is anonymous or alternatively fill out a form online:

Linkinhorne, a rural parish in South East Cornwall, stretches from the River Inny in the north-east to the expanses of Bodmin Moor in the west. The River Lynher meanders across the Parish through secluded valleys and by gently rolling fields.

The three largest villages are Minions, Rilla Mill and Upton Cross; there are also the settlements of Henwood, Linkinhorne and Bray Shop as well as dozens of other small hamlets such as Caradon Town, Downgate, Ley Mill, Plushabridge, etc.

The western parts of Linkinhorne parish lie on the eastern slopes of Bodmin Moor, an area of granite moorland, rising to over 380m above sea level at Sharptor, above the Cheesewring, a granite outcrop of apparently precariously balanced rocks. The highest village in the parish is Minions, at 302m asl.

Travelling east from the Moor, the land drops to the gentler hills and river valleys which cover most of the parish. Most of this land is agricultural or woodland; the climate is mild and rarely is there prolonged cold in the winter - snow and frost rarely lasting more than a day or two.

There are no major roads in the parish. Two classified roads, the B3254, running north-south and the B3257 running northwest-southeast cross the parish, providing road links to Launceston, Liskeard and Callington.


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