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Parish Plan Update April 2013

Policies & Procedures

Linkinhorne Parish Council Privacy Notice

Risk Assesment and Action Plan - Upton Cross Public Conveniences, 23.07.2020

Risk Assesment and Action Plan - Minions Public Conveniences, 23.07.2020

Risk Assesment and Action Plan - Jubilee Field Upton Cross, 23.07.2020

Risk Assesment and Action Plan - Parsons Meadow, Rilla Mill, 23.07.2020

Complaints procedure - Linkinhorne Parish Council 2020

Freedom of information document 2019

Linkinhorne Parish Council Standing Orders - 11th Feb. 2019

Linkinhorne Parish Council Pre Application Planning Protocol

Transparency Code - Land and Building Assets

Code of Conduct 2012


What is a Parish Councilor

A Councillor Who me?

Be the change, Lead the change



Notice of conclusion of audit 31st March 2020

Monthly Annual Transparency Code Information 2020-2021

Linkinhorne Parish Councils Budget and precept 2020-20201

Annual Internal Audit report 2019-2020

Annual Governance Statement 2019-2020

Notice of Public Rights and publication of un-audited Annual Governance and Accountability return 2019-2020

Accounting Statements 2019-2020

Budget and precept 2021-2022


Grant Policy 2021

Grant Application Form 2021


Employers Liability Insurance 2020-21

Election of Representative Members 2020

Notice of Burial Form 2020

Data Controller's registration entry details

Memorial application form 2017

Burial Ground Fees and Regulations 2018-2019

Being a Good Employeer 2016

Good Councillors Guide 2018

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