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Linkinhorne Parish has been accepted by Cornwall Council as a designated Neighbourhood Area. The parish is now free to produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan, laying out what people in the parish want it to look like in future. The Neighbourhood Planning Working Party, set up in October 2013, has co-ordinated the consultation process to date. The results of this process can be seen in the documents on this website. Future activity will be documented in the same way. Please also check your local parish noticeboard and/or The Link regularly for announcements.

Pre-submission consultation for the Linkinhorne NDP

In accordance with Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, Part 5, 14(b), this email from Linkinhorne Parish Council and the Linkinhorne Neighbourhood Development Planning team is to:

The public consultation on the Draft Linkinhorne Neighbourhood Development Plan starts on Sunday 29th March 2019 and lasts for a period of 13 weeks, ending at midnight on Sunday 28th June 2019. The period of consultation has been extended because of the Coronavirus emergency and may be extended again pending because of the on-going issues relating to this emergency.

Public consultations with be held at the earliest opportunity, pending Public Health England advise.

All responses received will be considered by the Steering Group and the Parish Council and used to inform a revised version of the NDP. The revised version of the NDP will then be submitted to Cornwall Council, as the local planning authority for examination by an independent examiner.

All responses by email to In the subject header of your email please include a reference stating Response to Linkinhorne NDP consultation.

Please click here for the latest version of the:


The Linkinhorne Neighbourhood Development Plan interim working party consists of:

The e-mail address for general NDP enquiries is

The Neighbourhood Plan for Linkinhorne Parish will take account of the interests of all and meetings are open to everyone.

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