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Linkinhorne, a rural parish in South East Cornwall, stretches from the River Inny in the north-east to the expanses of Bodmin Moor in the west. The River Lynher meanders across the Parish through secluded valleys and by gently rolling fields.

The three largest villages are Minions, Rilla Mill and Upton Cross; there are also the settlements of Henwood, Linkinhorne and Bray Shop as well as dozens of other small hamlets such as Caradon Town, Downgate, Ley Mill, Plushabridge, etc.

The western parts of Linkinhorne parish lie on the eastern slopes of Bodmin Moor, an area of granite moorland, rising to over 380m above sea level at Sharptor, above the Cheesewring, a granite outcrop of apparently precariously balanced rocks. The highest village in the parish is Minions, at 302m asl.

Travelling east from the Moor, the land drops to the gentler hills and river valleys which cover most of the parish. Most of this land is agricultural or woodland; the climate is mild and rarely is there prolonged cold in the winter - snow and frost rarely lasting more than a day or two.

There are no major roads in the parish. Two classified roads, the B3254, running north-south and the B3257 running northwest-southeast cross the parish, providing road links to Launceston, Liskeard and Callington.

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Public Consultation

Cormac Solutions Ltd on behalf of Cornwall Council is inviting comments on a proposal for a one-way driving restriction on The Quay, Calstock, and a 20mph speed limit at Upton Cross, supported by traffic calming features and various amendments to waiting restrictions.  These proposals have been nominated by the Caradon Community Network Panel, with support of Local Members and Parish Councils throughout the Caradon Community Network Area.


Documents: map showing the design for 20mph speed limit at Upton Cross, supported by traffic calming features and various amendments to waiting restrictions. 


The County of Cornwall (Caradon) (Calstock) (One-way) Order 2019


The County of Cornwall (Liskeard) (Upton Cross) (Speed Limit) (Amendment) Order 2019


The County of Cornwall (Caradon) (Upton Cross) (Restrictions on waiting) (Amendment) Order 2019


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Cornwall Council proposes to make the above Orders to regulate traffic in Calstock and Upton Cross.  The effect will be to introduce a one-way driving restriction as specified in the First Schedule; ii) impose a 20mph speed limit on the lengths of road specified in the Second Schedule;  iii) introduce and revoke restrictions on waiting specified in in the Third  and Fourth Schedules to give effect to the above.


It is also proposed under section 90A-90F of the Highways Act 1980 to introduce road humps in the form of speed cushions at the locations specified in the Fifth Schedule below, to reduce vehicle speeds and improve the safety for all road users. 


Documents showing the proposals may be inspected during the advertised opening hours at (i) Callington Library and Information Centre, Coronation Road, Callington, PL17 7DR (ii) CORMAC Reception, Radnor Road, Scorrier, TR16 5EH.  Further information can be obtained by telephoning 01872 326 787.


Any comments of support, objections or other representations, specifying the grounds on which they are made, must be sent in writing to the Scorrier address no later than 08 November 2019.    Alternatively you can respond on-line by visiting  once registered, you will be able to submit responses to this and other current traffic consultations.  We value your privacy.  To find out more information about how we use your data, please visit  Please quote reference EDG1632 on all correspondence.




One-way traffic


The Quay (in a south-easterly direction and continuing clockwise)

  the perimeter of the Tamar Inn.



20mph speed limit

Upton Cross

B3254 from a point 195 metres north-west of its junction with the Class III road leading to Minions (C0037)  to a point 125 metres south-east of that junction.  Class III road leading to Minions (C0037) from its junction with the B3254 for a distance of 160 metres in a westerly direction.  Class III road leading to Rilla Mill (C0037) from its junction with the B3254 to a point 87 metres north-east of its junction with Christa Court (U6176).  Christa Court (U6176) for its entire length.


No waiting at any time

Upton Cross

B3254 in the vicinity of Upton Cross Primary School.  C0036 - in the vicinity of Upton Cross Primary School.




Upton Cross

B3254 in the vicinity of Upton Cross Primary School.


FIFTH Schedule

Locations of Road Humps (Speed Cushions)

Upton Cross

B3254 3 pairs of cushions located at points 20 metres and 120 metres north, and 38 metres south of its junction with C0037.  Horizontal and vertical dimensions will be in line with permitted pavement construction tolerances as set out in the Highways (Road Humps) Regulations 1999 as amended.




The latest version of the Linkinhorne Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) was reviewed by the Parish Council 3rd July 2019. Click here to view the latest version.Your Parish Council asks you to review this plan and provide your feedback to the Parish Clerk by

5pm on the 28th August 2019







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